Ausar is an Self-Realized and Enlightened Soul who transmits the experience of the Universal Self to all who desire to realize the basic questions of “who am I?”, “where do I come from?”  and “where am I going to?”.  When one’s true Cosmic Identity  manifests, these questions dissolve and one becomes steady in one’s eternal state of freedom, bliss and peace, beyond all pain and suffering. Ausar is here to establish everyone in their original state of enlightenment, as this is the only real goal of the human life, the only happiness that can never be taken away. Ausar offers transmission of this state via the RASA transmission and direct one-to-one guidance for spiritual seekers who seek to realize the Self in this lifetime.


*Ausar would like to make clear that the RASA transmission is not Ausar’s own invention. The RASA is believed to have its source in the Divine Mother, and Ausar gained the knowledge from one of his spiritual teachers Ramaji ( who authorized him to transmit the RASA experience. Further information can be found on the RASA header.