Within Every Heart There is the Space of Enlightenment

Permanent Happiness, Peace and Bliss awaits all those who seek their true Self.

Did you start noticing that the fulfillment that healthy relationships, successful career and material wealth delivers always seems not enough?

Ever wonder if you were more than a collection of perishable physical matter, emotions and thoughts?

You can Live Continuously from a Source of Infinite Bliss deep within your Being that is  Uncaused and Independent from All external phenomena.

Your Inherent Nature is Nothing but Bliss! Drenched in the Joy of your True Self, you become Powerful to  Manifest anything you want in Any Dimension of Your Life!

When  This Happiness is Achieved, It Can Never Be Taken Away From You!

If this is resonating with you then the RASA transmission for Enlightenment is definitely for YOU!

RASA has the power to Cause this Happiness for You permanently.
If you are:
  • spiritual seeker looking for an authentic, rapid means to experience your enlightenment…
  • an artist, entrepreneur or office worker looking for fuel to take your career, relationships  and prosperity to the next level…
  • or simply an insightful individual who is yearning for that happiness that normal life fails to deliver and who is looking for something more….
then continue to read on what RASA can do for you or just contact me here to schedule your RASA session for enlightenment.

Who is Ausar:
Ausar awakened to the truth of his Eternal Self in July 2014 after several years of intensive meditation guided by his first spiritual teacher Ramaji and following the Self-inquiry tradition of Ramana Maharshi. As Ausar’s mind dissolved, his crown center opened up in a blaze of light revealing an infinite expanse that Ausar perceived to be the source of the physical world. As the experience of Awakening to Oneness deepened, Ausar traveled from the Germany, India, Thailand and within the US, to meet and receive hands-on training from high level spiritual masters rooted in age-old traditional authentic lineages. Spiritual seekers began to request Ausar for help with their enlightenment, and Ausar began giving the RASA transmission to a select few sincere individuals. Because of the deep effectiveness of RASA and the radical positive transformation it had on their lives, Ausar decided to found the Spiritual Heart Center to dedicate himself to the mission of Awakening as many people  as possible. Ausar conducts workshops, seminars and private classes for the direct experience of the superconscious state and increased fulfillment in all areas of life including  health, career and relationships. Ausar offers transmission of the State of Self-Realization through the RASA transmission and direct one-to-one guidance for seekers who wish to Awaken to their True Self in this lifetime.



“I would like to dedicate the mission, content and all services of The Spiritual Heart Center to my masters Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji and Sri Swami Vishwananda. I offer all the activities of The Spiritual Heart Center at the feet of my Masters, Adi Guru Lord Sadashiva, and at the feet of all the enlightened beings that have existed in this world, bringing and radiating the highest Consciousness to humanity. I also want to offer my gratitude to my spiritual teacher Ramaji, who revealed the RASA transmission for rapid and fierce non-dual awakening. 

“I am here to open the Pure Consciousness in You.  In your true Self, there is no worries or fears, only blissfulness of eternity and limitless possibility. The Divine in me simply touches and awakens the same Divine in You which has always been there. I am only a channel of the Source to manifest through me.” – Ausar

* Ausar transmits and teaches the state of Self-Realization via the tradition of Sri Ramana Maharishi.