What is Enlightenment


Traditionally, Enlightenment means experientially realizing that You are the Ultimate Pure Consciousness. Enlightenment is taking all dimensions of your being, body, energy, mind and all levels of your inner and outer worlds to the ultimate Possibility and aligning all of them to the frequency of the Ultimate. It is a infinite process of Manifestation of the Supreme Consciousness in the individual consciousness.

Does CK Transmission bring me to this level of Enlightenment?

The CK transmission  will bring you to the state of realizing that your very Self is Eternal Consciousness.

Normally we know only three states of Consciousness:

Waking state

Dream state

Deep sleep state

CK Transmission will raise your crown chakra to resonate at a frequency of LOC 1000, which is the frequency of all enlightened beings. This will put you in the Fourth State of Consciousness called Turiya. In many traditions around the world, this is known as Enlightenment, or awakening to true nature of oneself. The CK transmission will bring you to this level of Enlightenment. There are still further levels of Enlightenment where more and more of the Ultimate is manifested through you. See the table below detailing the states of Consciousness:


I am borrowing the description of the 4 states of Consciousness as detailed by Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swami which I feel is an extremely clear and simple description. Further discussion and explanation on the states of Consciousness are given in my workshops.

Turiya is the state where you will feel ‘I exist’ but you will not have any thoughts, you will only feel your Self as infinite Being-Consciousness, the source of this material world.

In this state you will Always be in Sat-Chit-Ananda (Existence-Consciousness-Bliss) and you will know your own Self to be unlimited with Infinite possibilities to create your Life as you want. You will be fearless and always be in the celebration of your own Existence.

There is a state beyond Turiya called Turiyatitta. The fundamental stage of awakening is labelled as Turiya by most spiritual traditions. Very few yogi’s reach the Turiyatitta state. Turiyatitta is the state where oneness with the divine cosmic energy occurs; it is not just a state of stillness but a state of “aliveness”. In this state one is being meditated by the universe itself. Even fewer yogis reach an even higher level of spiritual attainment which is the complete manifestation of the Turiyatitta state within the human frame. When Cosmic Light fuses into ones Soul eternally, then one becomes spirituality attained. The CK transmission is designed to put you in the Turiya state permanently and may give you a glimpse of the Turiyatitta state.