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  Secrets of the Gold Light Sutra

(Sunday, Feb 18th, 9am EST)

The Gold Light Sutra (also know as the The Sovereign King of Sutras, the Sublime Golden Light) is a mystical Mahayana Buddhist Sutra that unveils the mysteries of the true Heart and the secret of the mysterious “center”, the primordial golden light at the center of all beings. This discourse on  the Gold Light Sutra will address the following:
  • What is the relationship between Enlightenment and the Light Body?
  • What is the true Heart and how does it relate to the Vajra, the thunderbolt?
  • What is the significance of “Golden Light”, why does the sutra emphasize “gold” as the primordial nature of all enlightened buddhas and sages?
  • Why the emphasis on the Heart, and how does it relate to the crown chakra?
  • Is the Buddha really talking about stillness meditation, or is stillness a reference to something else entirely? What is the real nature of emptiness?
This discourse will include a reading of verses from the sutra which will energetically empower you on your journey towards the Light Body state. You will also receive a free heavenly blessing to awaken your crown chakra.
Price: Free
Date and Time: Sunday February 18th 9am EST.
Link: https://zoom.us/j/403537125