– From N. Shu – Musician and teacher
I am not at all someone who understands the spirituality that Ausar describes. In fact I didn’t believe it. I am by fault a cautious person who questions and doubts just about everything that I’m not immediately comfortable with. So when a friend wanted to know more about this spirituality that Ausar was so adamant about, Ausar gave us an experience of RASA.
Again I expected nothing to happen, but I started feeling peaceful. I lost track of time and wasn’t really paying attention to anything, just feeling like a brain without a body. Then I started feeling this pull between my eyes.  I became aware that I heard absolutely nothing. No white noise no breathing, nothing. Just the pull between my eyes. I felt a weird feeling as I drew my attention to this point between my eyes and I saw waves of blue and green. It was a rich blue color like a cobalt blue, and the circle of blue light expanded so much that it felt like all I was, was eyes observing this blue light. Slowly this light began to take shape  and I saw it zoom out like a camera and of the blue light came images, PERFECT outlines of every object of the room that I was in (a room that I was not familiar with). The outlines seemed like a blueprint, and these outlines kept zooming out opening up to a wider scope. The room turned into an outline of the whole building, stairs, elevator, to the trees around it, cars in a parking lot, until I felt as I was going up, and was suspended in between two stars. Then suddenly the waves of blue and green light came back in my vision, and I felt as if a force had shoved my temples back to the ground. Then all of my usual awareness came back. It felt much more overwhelming as compared to the blue light, or as Ausar said it might be, the third eye. I believe it is possible.
– From Sil Bakers: (Bio-chemist at City College)
  Lately my spiritual journey became more exciting and the changes within me are tangible and extremely enriching. I would have never thought there was so much to discover inside, so much energy to release and so much unconditional happiness, peace and bliss to become aware of. Though, I only had a glimpse of all this for now.
The Rasas gave me so fare are the proof that Reality is beyond what people always consider as such. During Rasa I keep my eyes closed and Ausar stands before me. What happens from that point onwards is hard or impossible to believe unless you are receiving it.(The assumption here is that I’m trying to pu into words sensations that transcended the mind).
At the very beginning I’m always pervaded by a feeling of peacefulness that usually takes me a while to achieve during meditation. The sequence of the experiences that follow vary depending on Ausar. In any case, expansiveness is one of them: it’s preceded by pleasant warmth radiating from the chest towards the hands and the head. I feel like my body ceased to have physical boundaries and blew up indefinitely. This is also accompanied by temporary deep darkness and silence. Beautiful. At times I feel tingling on top of my head that starts very lightly but spreads steadily first longitudinally then as if it was concentric ripples on water. Eventually it reaches the sides and the back of my head. Then I feel warmth and deep calmness. This event is often associated to a feeling of what I’d describe as vertigo and goose bumps. They can be pretty powerful and shake my body. I feel energy that radiates from the lower chest and turns into goose bumps. The vertigo always starts from the forehead, maybe the third eye (?), speaking of which, I seem to sense as circular lights in between my eyes that can become flame-shaped and dissolve into the head.
The last time the tingling moved down to the throat and then along the sternum to rest on its lower right side for maybe a minute or so.I also saw a face appearing three times, each time closer: I don’t remember who he looked like but he was definitely smiling almost tenderly.
After the first Rasa the top of my head was no longer there. There was no lid keeping me in the physical case. The second time I realized that I could see my Self as an isolated entity from the Ego to an extent I never experienced before. The thoughts were foreign objects I could observe unaffected.”
– From Caitlin King (Model and Scientist) 
I want to share with everyone here the amazing guidance, love, and tranquility Ausar brings with his teachings and with his RASA.
The first time I experienced his RASA, I felt nothing but bliss. It was a nearly indescribable sensation that uplifted my spirit and body. I felt light, free and happy. Warmth surged through my body and a tingling rose up my spine until my mind– unlatched from my thoughts– and I melded into a serene silence. None other but warmth and bliss did I experience.
I have received multiple sessions with Ausar and each time these sensation increase and over time I have gradually been able to situate into this tranquility permanently. I find myself happy and able to find my spiritual center more commonly and easily than ever.
If you’re interested in experiencing your true self and want a caring, attentive teacher or friend, Ausar is someone I heartwarmingly recommend.
– From Chloe – student at ASA college.
I am completely new to spirituality and honestly I was very skeptical. I wasn’t even so sure I wanted so called enlightenment. However as soon as the Rasa started I noticed something different happened. There was this ‘cool’ feeling entering me from the top of my head, like glistening water. I thought Ausar had touched my head with something, but later he explained he did not physically touch my head at all. I starting seeing a white light, and then a blue point right in the middle. The cold water feeling pervading my body and I felt relaxed and at peace. I saw a vision of some higher beings resembling gods. After wards I felt tingles and electricity all over my body. It was quite startling. Ausar explained that it was my Kundalini Shakti being awakened for the first time. I honestly could not believe I felt what I felt, I never knew such phenomena were possible.

Celestial Kriya Yoga Testimonials:

Jesse – I have had like 20 hours worth of nonstop activity and energy in my crown chakra. Bliss feelings through the body. Heart and belly have been mostly active and in the visual side, I feel white light taking over. Practice has picked up with more heart activation. Certain mudras and movements give me the feeling that I am downloading energy into me. Also where I put my right hand onto of left I see more two balls of energy, red and blue merging.
Salo – I do experience white light every time. I feel the white light working on me. My brain has been lighting up and my heart has been opening up. I feel blockages in my throat being removed from me. I also see the light healing my body where it has been damaged. I am experiencing peaceful currents of energy. It has been amazing.
Brody – I am grateful beyond words for you sharing this technique. I have been feeling a lot of crown chakra and brain activation, seeing mostly white and light blue energy. I have been shaking like crazy when I do the practice. Ausar told me this is due to blockages being removed from me.