About RASA

Arunachala mountain in tiruvanamali, India which is, according to the scriptures and experience of great sages such as Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, is the Spiritual Heart manifested on Earth and is identical to Lord Shiva Himself (the formless auspiciouss consciousness)


The Superconscious RASA Transmission for Enlightenment  is designed to download and bolt the experience of Enlightenment or Cosmic Oneness into your Being while bringing peace, satisfaction and tranquility to all areas of your Life.

RASA stands for the state of Love Intoxication with the Divine, or your own highest Consciousness.

Specifically RASA is programmed to:

  • Awaken and expand your crown chakra to Level of Consciousness (LOC) 1000, permanently allowing for the tangible experience and perception of your original state Pure Consciousness, the Self, beyond your body and mind.

  • Install an unimaginable Peace,  Silence and Bliss as an outpouring of the realization of Pure Consciousness in your Being.

  • Heighten your intuition and raise clarity levels as superconsciousness energy activates the Third Eye (center of intuition) as a by-product of its descent from the crown chakra

  • Awaken the Kundalini Shakti, or ones innate potential life force that is latent in the body.  Positive side effects of this awakening include  deep healing  leading to a body that is in constant rejuvenation and a mind that is wired for success as old mental belief patterns and negative thoughts get thoroughly washed away.

  • Awaken you to your true Life Purpose.

  • Empower you to manifest your dreams into reality.

  • Install a Powerfulness and Pure Enlightened Cognition that will burn away all self-limiting ideas and guarantee a Life of continual increasing bliss and success.

  • Finally end all confusions, anxieties and fears and realize and experience the oneness between You, the Universe, and the Source.

Please download this rasa-booklet for further information on the RASA transmission.