Questions and Answers:


What is the Spiritual Heart?

The Spiritual Heart is literally the Self. It is the reflection of the Formless Brahman (Ultimate Reality) in the Human Body, two digits from the right side of the chest. However Brahman can reflect in other main places such as the crown chakra, the third eye, and the Anandha Gandha chakra which is described by Sri Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji. Ultimately the Brahman can be manifested anywhere, as It pervades and fills every atom in this Universe. What makes the Spiritual Heart special is that it is the Source of all mind, prakriti and purusha (matter and spirit). Actually all other centers are found in the Heart alone, according to Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.

What is your experience of it?

When I first began self-inquiry in November 2013, every time I asked the question “who am I” I felt a tiny throb of energy in the right side of my chest. My life-force, which before had always been clutched to the feeling that I was just the body, slowly began to unclutch from the body identity and fall into the the pure Space, which is the Source. This was before I read about the Heart on the right side as described by Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Soon after, I read how Sri Ramana described the experience and I was happy my practice was producing authentic results.

This tiny vibration in the Spiritual Heart Center expanded into a full blown SUN by July of the next year. As one slowly progresses to Realization, the presence of the Spiritual Heart begins to intensify and open. One may think of it this way. Lets say the Heart is a lotus-flower (actually it is, it is not a metaphor); for the Lotus to bloom it needs the presence of the Sun. As you begin to fall deeper and deeper into the cognition of the Source, the mirror of your Soul becomes purified enough to start reflecting the light from the Cosmic Soul purely.  The Spiritual Heart starts acting as a vacuum of Silence that sucks in the your feeling of ‘I’. When the feeling of ‘I’ fully merges into the Pure Space of the Self, the Cosmic Soul reflects on the mirror of your individual Soul without obstruction, thus the Lotus can finally flower completely. The light of the Sun needs to dawn before the flower spreads its petals, it is the same with the Heart on the Right.

When my life-force fully merged into the Heart, light started flowing out of the point two digits to the right side of the chest, as described by Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi.  On the planet Earth, Arunachala corresponds to the Spiritual Heart in the human body. Arunachala is Shiva Himself, thus the Heart on the Right Side is literally the seat of Shiva in everybody. When one says “Arunachala” or see a picture of the mountain, one’s Spiritual Heart will activate.


What about the Crown Chakra?

The Crown chakra also will fully open when your feeling of ‘I’ fully drops into the Self.  It will feel like your head is missing, and you wont be able to tell the when ‘you’ end and your surroundings begin. Instead of your head you will experience a great ecstasy and bliss pervading you from the top of your head. It is directly corresponds to an experience of Cosmic Oneness. It is also an opening to the cosmic energy.  When meditating in the Self, one’s life-force will travel upward and stabilize at the crown of the Head to meet the Cosmic Space. This was my experience.

Can you speak a bit about the Grace of the Guru?

Grace of the Guru is everything in spirituality. I have a Guru still who I will forever bow at His feet. My enlightenment came through the Guru. There is the outer guru and then there is the inner guru who is with you at all times even before you find out about spirituality.  the inner. Actually the inner Guru the call from Sadashiva, causing you to Seek him. Life is designed for you to raise your consciousness. The Guru is the doorway to the Ultimate. My inner guru first manifested as a picture of Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi and his Grace which opened my Spiritual Heart Center.