EXPERIENCE Celestial Kriya Transmission NOW

Each  session involves a 1 hour skype consultation plus the CK transmission which takes roughly 20 minutes. The consultation is the the time to get all your questions answered and assistance in any field you want to discuss. Even though the CK transmission will take place at the end, the superconscious transmission of Divine Conscious Energy will permeate the entire session.   Please choose the package which you deem most suitable for you. If you are not sure, contact me and we will discuss which package will be best for you.

1 CKT Session

This will be a quick 15 minute transmission. Experience a glimpse of the Divine.
One session: Price $150

Introductory CK Package (2 CKT SESSIONS)

Experience the Taste of Divine Consciousness. Not sure if you are ready for ultimate Realization of the Self but would like to experience the fragrance of freedom and deeper abiding bliss and oneness,  this package could be the right one for you.
Introductory package: Price $300.

Immersive 8 week course into Oneness (8 CKT SESSIONS):

Ready to take your body, mind and being to the higher levels of your very Consciousness? This course of 6 weeks with one RASA session once a week will guarantee full immersion into non-dual frequencies  higher than LOC650. Possibility of full realization of the Self, LOC 1000, is extremely High. You will not just taste the Higher Consciousness but you will directly immerse yourself into dimensions of your being, you never previously imagined. Full empowerment and healing of the body/mind and soul happens.
6 week package: Price $999

The Enlightened Consciousness Package (16 CKT Session)

Do you simply want to guarantee your enlightenment and experience of Self-Realization? If you are tired of waiting around and being a slave to the same mental patterns that cause destruction  to your dreams and what you truly want to manifest in Life,  this 3 month intensive program to guarantee your Self-realization will definitely be the one for You. I also commit to you, that if your LOC at the end of the program is still under 1000, I will work with you every week giving you  CK sessions at no extra charge until you permanently stabilize at LOC 1000, realization of your very Cosmic Self. However this is highly unlikely, as one can stabilize at LOC 1000 at any time. This package guarantees my commitment to you to make sure you permanently stabilize in Self Realization.
12 week package: Price $1999