Light Body Enrichment Program

Bak Fu Pai Light Body Enrichment Program (For Current Students)

All current students have the blessings to participate in the Bak Fu Pai Light Body Enrichment Program.


What is the Bak Fu Pai Light Body Mission?
On the planet today there are only around 300 people that have attained the fundamental Light Body State. My mission is to increase this number drastically within the next 5 to 10 years. The Light Body teachings have never before been more clearly revealed than now. For the first time in history the general Public has complete access to a complete system that awakens the Light Body and manifests it to its full potential. The Light Body state of pure liberation is one’s fundamental Right. The Light Body is not attained easily. Only a practice that is scientifically and specifically designed to awaken the Light Body will allow one to attain it within this lifetime. The opportunity of Light Body with Celestial Kriya Yoga should be spread to as many sincere souls as possible. This will place an end to the much of the confusion today surrounding enlightenment and spirituality.
What does it mean to Enrich others?
Enriching means to bless oneself and to bless the world. According to the Cosmic Law, because we all share the same Life,  enriching another soul causes the Cosmos to shower innumerable blessings upon the enricher. The Cosmos operates on the principle of Enrichment. As Heaven and Earth enrich all beings, beings who enrich each other will reap the blessings of the Dao. The Dao helps those who enrich themselves and enrich others. For those on the path of Enlightenment, enriching others is a fundamental necessity to attain enlightenment. Those who keep such a treasured light body teaching to themselves and do not enrich others are almost “thieves” of the Cosmic blessings.. To enrich others is to fall in tune with the Dao. One’s spiritual progress is only greatly accelerated if one understands and practices the principle of Enriching.
How can you be a part of the Bak Fu Pai Light Body Enrichment Program?
The Bak Fu Pai Enrichment Program is mainly for my current students.
Simply spread the name of Celestial Kriya Yoga to as many souls as possible. Use your Facebook, twitter, Instagram and all forms of social media. Tell your family and friends about the benefits and healing you have received while practicing CKY. You will notice all the Auspicious Divine Blessings coming your way.
Those who Cause others to experience CKY will be eligible for deeper initiations and more advanced Bak Fu Pai Light Body systems from at a highly discounted price or free off charge as a reward for contributing to the Bak Fu Pai Light Body mission.

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