Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven

Bodhidharma (483 AD – 540 AD) – the 28th Patriarch of Buddhism that first brought the teachings and meditations of the Buddha to Shaolin. Credited as the founder of Chan Buddhism (or Zen Buddhism).

Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven – A Legendary System of “Fire Samadhi” and a Relic of the Shaolin Temple – Now Available in complete form with all 18 levels released for the first time in history.

What is the mystical “Fire-Samadhi”?

Let us start with old Buddhist references and a tale from an ancient sutra:
It is said in the ”Ben Xing Ji ”Sutra ”At that time, Buddha entered into the samadhi of fire-light and his body was on big fire”. When Ananda died: ”He lifted himself into the air, and entered into the samadhi of fire-light. Smoke and fire burned his body, and he passed away.” Most of the arhats died the same way, using the samadhi of fire-light to burn themselves to death.
It was recorded in Chuan Fa Zhen Zong that ”when Shakyamuni Buddha passed away, Shakyamuni knew his demise was near, using samadhi fire to burn his body. It is very bright everywhere”.
In the sutra, Shakyamuni Buddha taught Ananda the ”Samadhi of fire-light in detail. ”The Buddha told Ananda (original text in classical Chinese)”
Suddenly, the fire starts to burn the scattered bones from all directions. You also start your internal fire to burn yourself, then the fire spreads to all sentient beings. The fire is as strong as an inferno.
This is what we call:
Fire and Void,
Emptiness and True fire
Purity and self-nature
Omnipresent in the dharma realm
”The fire starts from four directions, my body is empty and quiet. The four aggregates are no longer the master. The big fire which starts from the air will turn my body and others’ bodies into emptiness.” This is the arhat’s visualisation of samadhi of fire-light as taught by Hinayana school.
In my opinion, the samadhi of fire-light as practised by Tantra is even more magnificent and valuable.
Tantra cultivates ”Internal fire and Bright spot.”
The internal fire is known by many names such as, inarticulate fire, samadhi fire, spiritual heat, spiritual power, spiritual energy, Dan Dian fire, warm fire, life material and life energy.
The cultivation of which is divided into different levels:
”Warmth dharma” 1st stage
”Smoke dharma” 2nd stage
”Fire dharma” 3th stage
”Light dharma” last stage
From the cultivation of samadhi of fire-light, you can turn your body to be bright and transparent; and be enlightened as a Buddha instantly. This level of spiritual achievement is not within the ken of the other two vehicles.
The red lotus flower had a word ”Hom” in its crescent.
The white lotus flower had a word ”Om” in its crescent.
How to produce lotus flowers with eight patels and thousand patels from the cultivation of samadhi of fire-light can only be taught clearly by a real vajra guru.
The samadhi of fire-light, non-self and dharma are equal, cultivate them properly, you are able to have all kinds of wisdom.
By igniting his inner fire to incinerate the self during visualization, the Buddha could enter into Flame Samadhi, a fruition of fourth level Arhats.
In the beginning, although the Buddha also taught us many other different practices, the highest level of achievement attained by most of the disciples who were Arhats was throught Flame Samadhi. This is accomplished by the first kindling the inner (psychic) fire. This fire is then led to ignite the whole body to burn away all obscurations, all unwholesome habitual tendencies, and all emotional afflictions, until a state of total purification is reached. The Realization of Emptiness through incineration of the self by inner fire is known as Flame Samadhi. Realizers of the Flame Samadhi are fourth level Arhats. (

What is the Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven System:

The Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven is the ancient system that the Buddha used to achieve the samadhi of fire-light. According to legend, it was said to have been brought to the Shaolin Temple by Bodhidharma, the 28th  of Buddhism, and had been sealed away since then. Only the head  Abbot of shaolin, Fund Do Duk, and a few very high level monks, of the temple ever knew the existence of the system. The Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven System was also known by a few as the “Fire from Heaven”. As soon as one enters the first level meditation, one is connected to the celestial buddhist heavens. One begins to be purified by a divine blue flame. The Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven allows for the complete realization of the Light body and the Samadhi of Fire. The Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven has been kept secret within the Bak Fu Pai lineage since the ancient days of Shaolin.

What is achieved in the levels of the Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven System?

The Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven uses the energy of a celestial blue flame. This Blue Flame purifies the disciple and burns away all karmic hindrances and obstacles to enlightenment. Karma does not touch one who attains the “Fire From heaven”.
By the first level one achieves the internal thunder within the lower dantian and liberation is achieved.
By the second level, one is able to, with one’s palm, ignite (i.e. light on fire) objects such as simple cloth or paper
By the fourth level, one is able to ignite objects just by the mind alone (i.e. through the third eye) as the internal thunder is awakened in the brain. Ones mind is forever established in the purity of enlightenment at this level.
By levels five and six, one is able to ignite objects by one energy field or at a distance.
By levels seven and onwards, the power that is generated by this meditation  will be have to used responsibly and can be dangerous for others if used unwisely and destructively. However the divine power of this practice can ONLY be used for good.
According to tradition of our Bak Fu Pai Lineage, the levels beyond the seventh level were never given out because of the amount of power generated.
It is said that if one attains the “Fire From Heaven” , one will have the power to incinerate another’s bones to ashes. This was meant literally.

Why is this a historic release?

The complete 18 level release of the Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven system is historic for a range of reasons.
Since the time of Lawrence Blair’s famous “Ring of Fire” documentary in the 1980s, which showed a legendary taoist master by the name of “John Chang” igniting papers on fire and healing with his spiritual ‘electricity’, the general public has been frantic in their  attempt to find a meditative system to cultivate these specific abilities. Many went to Indonesia  and China in the next decades to try and find masters who could teach them these ancient secrets of enlightenment. Unfortunately many came back discouraged, or slightly hopeful that they managed to learn maybe the ‘first level’ from one of these masters. However, no one was able to learn John Chang’s full system or a full system of any master that showed similar abilities.

Snippet of the “Ring of Fire” documentary that showed the legendary John Chang


Since then many spiritual seekers have continued to seek out different masters to achieve this level of divine inner realization. A few more videos of masters from different little known lineages started to surface such as,




However a complete system as always eluded the general public.
Historically the Bak Fu Pai lineage has never released the complete “Fire From Heaven” system at once. In our modern era, Grandmaster Doo Wai wants to give everyone an easier opportunity to reach the legendary Enlightenment realization.
Again to emphasize, the fire-igniting ability is not the goal of the system. It is rather a bi-product of the celestial blue flame that is use to burn away all forms of karma. It is simply a testament to the level of mental and karmic purity inside the practitioner. One’s enlightenment will be so powerful that base matter will not be able to handle the purity that will manifests from within.

Why does the Bak Fu Pai have such legendary material?

The Bak Fu Pai Lineage, though over 3000 years old as founded by the ascenstors of the Doo family, was coded in the 1600s by the “Five Elders of Shaolin” who were the heads of the Southern Shaolin Temple. The Shaolin temple was said to be the head and source of all Buddhist and Daoist knowledge. The Bak Fu Pai, or White Tiger Sect, became the guardian and protector of all the other sects of Enlightenment. The majority of all other sects had to bow down to the “Five Elders” as their source and protector. Learning the Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven from the Bak Fu Pai lineage today still holds the spiritual significance as it did in ancient society. You are brought into an elite spiritual class. Very few apart from  the “White Tiger” holds the spiritual right to give out such powerful material.
The head of the Five Elders was the Fund Do Duk, the head abbot of the Shaolin Temple, and the inherited of all the two thousand years of Shaolin knowledge from the time of Bodhidharma, the 28th Patriarch of Buddhism.
The Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven System will be available FOR SERIOUS STUDENTS ONLY.

For Level one of Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven:

Price: 2000 USD

(Every level after this will be 1000 USD if it is bought separately)

Serious Disciple Package:

For those students who wish to be sincere committed disciples and take their enlightenment seriously they will have the opportunity to be blessed on a monthly basis by Grandmaster Doo Wai Himself.

For all 18 levels of Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven + Monthly blessings with the Grandmaster:

Price: 14,000 USD

This spring, running up until June 31, we will have an ongoing special package.


  • All 18 levels of Blue Buddha Ascending to Heaven

  • Initiation into  Red Lotus System for Light Body and enlightenment 

  • Initiation and training in our Celestial Kriya Yoga White Lotus System.

  • Monthly Blessings with Grandmaster Doo Wai. (For 8 months)

All for a total of


Please use the contact page to send all inquiries.
This is Grandmaster Doo Wai, Sixth Generation Grandmaster of the Southern Shaolin Temple, speaking about the authenticity and cost to learn this spiritual system.



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