High level meditation to fill the body with heavenly energy and awaken the latent powers of the brain.

Sharing an amazing meditation for health that Grandmaster Doo Wai has released to the public. This meditation was created by Taoist monk Fung Do Duk during the Ming dynasty, I highly advise anyone who is on the spiritual path to practice this meditation. Not only will it bring health, it will fill the lower navel center the heavenly energy and circulate that energy through the body. One may experience expanded states of samadhi and develop the powers of the third eye with this meditation. One may do this meditation with or without the herbs.
As part of the RASA program, one should practice this meditation to prepare ones energetic system to be more receptive to the crown chakra process that is initiated by the RASA transmission.
I look forward to assisting your path to self-realization.



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